THRASH REBELLION is our tribute to a modified 1984 Japan Ibanez SM9 Super Metal. Black or copper, both are super limited edition units.

This is now a special collaboration unit with APPARITION SKATEBOARDS of Austin, Texas and features laser-etch APPARITION logo down the side. You can also purchase them in-store at the skate shop!

Imagine an 80's Screamer type pedal with expanded 3-band equalizer that can actually go into full-on blistering distortion...that's exactly what this stompbox can do, thanks to extra gain stages from a QUAD of 4558 dual op amps. Circuit is overall quite similar to the Boss HM-2 but has a much different EQ voicing.

Also excellent as a classic OD in front of a crunchy amp, esp. JCM800 for old school thrash tone. Set the "PARTY" control way high, and "ANIMAL" around low-medium for this setup, going into a Lead Channel amplifier setting. It will produce that fire-breathing shredder tone quite easily.

EQ is set internally via (3) trimpots so the outside has minimalist Volume (PARTY) + Distortion (ANIMAL) controls. You can open the unit and adjust the equalizer controls to your optimal tone, but it is set pretty damn hot across the spectrum straight out of the gate.

NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.

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