• Image of TRICLOPS
  • Image of TRICLOPS

2020 COLORWAY: Ultra Illusion Emerald Green w/ with hand screenprinted white graphics!

TRICLOPS Mythical Fuzz is a singular force of nature when it comes to heavy duty fuzz tone. "Sounds like a Hell's Angel chopper hitting the red!" says one local reviewer.

Pedalboard-friendly enclosures (top mounted jacks) artwork by the amazing "DAM" Danny A. Marschner.

POWER = Fuzz Volume
FOCUS = Blurry to Sharp transistor bias
WIDTH = Low end response

This mythical beast gets loud and raucous enough to push your tube amp into a state of saturated oblivion. Explode vintage Sunn stacks, maybe get the SWAT team called...hell yes...it's like that. Also works great with synth, drum machines, noise rigs, etc.

Instagram @gremlinmachineshop

NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.

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