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RADIOACTIVE green font cases are now SOLD OUT...new colorway and grafx coming soon for the 2023 version!!!

Note: Internal trimpots are for transistor bias settings...not recommended to change these! But I posted a video on Instagram page @gremlinmachineshop how to check the settings, make sure it is setup for either 9V or 18V bias, and adjust them as needed.

Choose your options at checkout:
- "BLACKOUT" all black hardware (18V or 9V)
- "SILVERTOP" all silver hardware (18V or 9V)

Gremlin's fully analog tribute to the infamous SUNN MODEL T amplifier.

CEREMONIAL is a Dual Channel Preamp pedal biased to run on 18VDC for increased output. We can bias it for 9V operation upon request and it still sounds good, just less master volume available.

The GREMLIN version is based closely upon the original Sunn Model T preamp of course, but has select changes/additions/upgrades for improved overall form and function as a pedal, and more output amplification.  It is undoubtedly unlike any other company's tribute to Sunn amplifiers.

The CHANNEL footswitch combines the BRIGHT gain setting with the NORMAL gain setting, plus a natural treble boost. We have added a "Bright Defeat" toggle that lets you kill the treble increase. Try setting Normal to low gain for a cleaner sound and Bright for more crunch.

If you have ever played a Sunn Model T, you know they have phenomenal low-end bass response, so naturally this pedal RULES on bass guitar as well.

Stack any of our distortion or fuzz pedals in front for an absolutely crushing gain-stacked setup. Highly recommend the WORSHIPER or RAIDEN (classic RAT-type distortions) for the ultimate doom and vintage heavy metal power combo!!

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NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.

Sold Out