4th Edition WORSHIPER Distortion pedals will be installed in LEVIATHAN BLUE boxes with updated "Rat Trap" artwork that now adds the true descriptive phrase "VINTAGE RAT KILLER" and some new texturing to the grafx.

***FOOTSWITCH UPGRADE available at checkout to the "extreme-rated" DeMont (soft-click) footswitch for $15 extra...these are insanely high quality. These are special order footswitches so please allow 3 extra days for delivery in case we are out of stock on them. Otherwise it will come with standard PRO level footswitch we use in all units, which are still excellent.

WORSHIPER DISTORTION is another Gremlin Custom Shop masterpiece: an upgraded version of the classic 1984-88 Whiteface/Small Box RAT(tm) distortion unit. This is a special collaboration unit with Worshiper Cabinets of Austin, Texas.

The perfect distortion pedal with unmistakable vintage tone and simplicity.  It also excels at boost/overdrive settings to push your amp's lead channel into skull-crushing high gain territory, or even just to simply overdrive crunch rhythms.

Minimalist interface in a pedalboard-friendly setup with top-mounted jacks, industrial aluminum chassis, and killer "rat trap" graphics by Frost Giant Electronics.

- NOS LM300-series op amp for vintage gain stage amplification
- Improved tone filter range, and updated to clockwise rotation
- 3 clipping modes (Vintage SILICON, TURBO LED, and OP AMP ONLY)
- Standard 9VDC center-negative 2.1mm barrel power jack

This stompbox is somehow even more lethal when paired with the Gremlin CEREMONIAL (Sunn Model T) PREAMP.

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