FIREPOWER will indeed be making a triumphant return in April 2023 with new grafx and colorway. Limited to 13 spots!!!

UPDATE : Cases finally arrived 3/24/23 so they will begin assembly immediately and shipping out in April!
. . . . . . .
One of the all-time classic combinations in heavy metal history is a Tubescreamer stacked into a Marshall JCM 800 amplifier, and for very good reason. It's a time-tested formula that still carries massive weight to this day.

The FIREPOWER is our custom version of the early 80's Tubescreamer (aka the Gremlin "Emerald Wraith") stacked in front of a modern JFET-based JCM 800 (see also: Peavey Butcher, Peavey VTM 120) preamplifier tribute. Each side can be engaged independently by its own footswitch (800 on left, WRAITH on right).

The EMERALD WRAITH is a highly refined custom Tubescreamer-type circuit designed to "gain stack" more effectively in the FIREPOWER combo. Our version has an improved tone control and flatter EQ response, less clipping and compression, and cleaner gain settings at min/max for less noise. The RANGE toggle switch selects between [full frequency <> bass cut] so you can get shreddy solos and ultra tight rhythms. Try the WRAITH into your amp's own Lead Channel also, or add some breakup-boost into your clean channel.

The modified 800 preamplifier circuit in this unit has about 20% more max gain available than the original amp on the PRE control, so it can be used without overdrive if desired, for an even heavier Marshall(tm) 2203/2204 type sound. Set GAIN above halfway to get the appropriate crunch. The bright caps have been removed and the EQ now slightly tilted in favor of this pedal format, while retaining the essence of JCM 800 sonic characteristics. The MASTER setting usually sounds best near maximum, ya know, just like an actual Marshall!

There is an additional MOSFET boost on the output (HELLFIRE knob) to ensure you can go way above unity output. Use the combination of MASTER and HELLFIRE controls for best overall volume & sound. Personally, I like to set MASTER between 70-100% then add "more" output level as needed with the HELLFIRE knob.

This is a heavy metal monster with enough distortion on tap to instantly convert your amp's clean channel into a fireball of fury.

NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.