• Image of RAIDEN
  • Image of RAIDEN


Upgraded reissue of the Gremlin RAIDEN (our original 80's RAT-type distortion pedal) with customized circuitry, modern design, choice components, plus my favorite NOS LM300-series opamp for this circuit.

The DRIVE toggle shifts the minimum and maximum range of the Dust (distortion) knob for Overdrive/Distortion mode. So if you want to use the pedal to boost an already crunchy amp you can use it as overdrive, and of course you can use it for light-medium rhythm crunch as well this way. If you prefer to use the pedal as a standalone true distortion into a clean amp channel just flip the switch and dial up the dirt factor. With the Dust knob maxed out in distortion mode, select your neck pickup to approach fuzz territory.

The DIODES clipping toggle will have an alternate set of diodes on tap this time, so you get a little bit of everything.
- Vintage Symmetrical Mode = Dually stacked 1N914 silicons
- Hybrid Asymmetrical Mode = MOSFET + Germanium // LED
- The center OFF position will lift the diodes for opamp-only drive

This will be one of the first releases with the new 2021 style graphics. Pedalboard-friendly layout and built to slay stacks. The perfect distortion pedal, period.

Put this one (or the WORSHIPER distortion!) in front of the CEREMONIAL preamp pedal if you want to get serious about gain-stacked sonic destruction.

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