SOLD OUT. Shoot us a message if you are interested in another run...we may make a 2021 edition if there is enough demand!

EQUALIZER + OVERDRIVE unit. These are not going to be considered standard production Gremlins and will be released in highly limited editions.

This was a custom build request in tribute to the Ibanez MT10 MOStortion circuit, and includes the excellent MOSFET-based CA3260 operational amplifier.

Profound bass response down to 40Hz range, and stunning tone shaping with a remarkable 3-band EQ (Lows, Mids, High). Capable of huge output whether dialed up clean or overdriven. Amazing unit for bass as well.

This is technically not a distortion pedal in our opinion, and being labelled as such was a marketing ploy to sell more units (which didn't really work). They were briefly produced in the early 90's before fading out of existence.

Now it is being routinely being sought at prices over $300 in spite of it's very poor build quality and low reliability. We fixed all these issues and more, with robust construction and top-mounted jacks for pedalboard-friendly setup. As always, we are giving this our "Full Metal" rebuild and you can bet it will be killer!

NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.

Sold Out