• Image of SEER & SORCEROR Dual Delay
  • Image of SEER & SORCEROR Dual Delay

This is an ultra limited edition Dual Delay unit (ONLY 10 MADE). This is a special release fundraiser with BEASTMAKER for touring and recording funds.

DUAL DELAYS...two independently controlled delays in one box, like twin phantoms.

Voiced for vintage analog delay and capable of infinite repeats on each side. Go from staggering rhythmic repeats of up to ~420ms and beyond to UFO self-oscillation.


SPELL (Time) is delay interval, how long between echoes

CREEP (Dwell) is # of repeats, how many echoes you want

DANK (Wet) is how much delay signal is processed.

Classic delay settings are achieved with knob settings at 12 o'clock and below; higher settings creates more lo-fi echoes! As you reach the max setting with the CREEP knob, it should begin to self-oscillate (infinite repeats). As you turn the SPELL knob during self-oscillation you can get wild, glitched-out sounds.

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