• Image of CASTLEVANIAC 80's Overdrive

CASTLEVANIAC is Gremlin's limited edition OVERDRIVE pedal...only 10 units will be made of this one. Please allow 2 business days for shipment from the shop.

80's Marshall style crunch...this is no Tubescreamer! Graphics and controls are a parody and tribute to the classic NES video game series.

Volume (PLAYER) and Gain (ENEMY) controls

3-band EQ: Bass (AXE), Mid (DAGGER), Treble (WHIP)

Footswitchable FX loop with toggle for Pre/Post (CROSS) overdrive.

Having the FX loop is a nifty old school feature, as it allows you to turn on the crunch and other pedals in the chain at the same time without having to use an external looper.

Phaser, modulation, or wah in the loop are great choices as they sound good and significantly different whether pre/post OD with the toggle switch!

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