Updated 2023 version of the CRYSTAL BALL Phaser!!!

This new model has an extra rate knob and 2nd footswitch which allows you to engage an alternate speed setting on the fly! This way you can have your slow swirling rhythm, then immediately access a faster tremolo type effect. There will be two different enclosure options as well, MODERN (smaller, pedalboard-friendly format) or VINTAGE (larger, old-school wedge chassis). The VINTAGE chassis requires more build time and higher enclosure cost...therefore the higher price...but so worth it in the end!

CRYSTAL BALL is Gremlin's special edition Phase Shifter.

This 6-stage OTA Phaser is very powerful and versatile with two toggle switches for MODE [Even (6) vs. Odd (5) stages] and FILTER settings [BAND-PASS vs. LOW-PASS).

POWER = Phase Intensity
SPEED = Primary phaser rate
ALTER = Modify phaser rate
REZON = Resonance Frequency

The magic knob is the REZON (resonance) control, which lets you set the center frequency point, so you can go from an AM Radio sound all the way to deep pulsations of heavy, vibrant waves.

Therefore, you can dial up your perfect Phaser sound with this device from slow & low phasing to classic raygun vibrato "stun." It ranges from the subtle realm all the way to full-on psychedelic trip mode. Also works fine for bass and synth.

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NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.

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