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UPDATE: Purple is sold out. Electric Blue still available...ONE LEFT!

CRYSTAL BALL is Gremlin's special edition Phase Shifter. Fortune Teller artwork by Morgan of Classic Tattoo in San Marcos, Texas. The jewel bezel for the crystal ball she holds pulses in time with the phaser rate!!!

This 6-stage OTA Phaser is very powerful and versatile with toggle switches for two MODE settings (even vs. odd # of stages), and also two FILTER types (bandpass vs. lowpass).

POWER = effect intensity
TIME = effect frequency
REZON = effect resonance

You can dial up your perfect Phaser sound with this device from slow & low phasing to classic raygun / faux-vibrato stun. It ranges from the subtle realm all the way to full-on psychedlic trip mode. Also works fine for bass and synth.

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NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.

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