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THIS PEDAL IS RETIRED NOW...the Barbarian DESTRIER is the new version as of July 2021! Click the "BARBARIAN FUZZ RAIDERS" link at the top of the website.

The AVEDISSIAN FUZZ is Gremlin's ultra smokin' version of the rare and expensive Foxx Tone Machine octave fuzz unit. It is an outstanding fuzz on it's own even without the octave engaged. This pedal is a collaboration model with AVEDISSIAN HANDWOUND PICKUPS from Decatur, GA!

Rebuilt with the original circuit architecture using hand matched components for best octave fuzz generation, killer 70's tone especially for heavy psych rock & doom, NOS germanium diodes in vintage clipping mode, and added features for the ultimate in sonic terror:

"OCTAVE" on secondary footswitch
"MIDS" control toggle for scoop vs boost
"CLIP" vintage (Germanium) / modern (LED) modes
"LOWS" knob to dial up or down the overall bass response

Instagram @gremlinmachineshop @avedissianpickups

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